Celebrate Responsibly

Stay in your Green Zone

The green zone is your alcohol “comfort zone”, where drinking is part of your good time with friends, builds up the right atmosphere for the party, helps you socialise. Basically some of the good reasons why we all love beer!

The green zone is a different place for each one of us: it depends on factors such as tolerance and weight, for a start. To know what your green zone is means to be able to drink respecting your limits and to enjoy the night and the fun for longer. Binge drinking, speed drinking, underage drinking will easily take you across that green line and quickly turn a great night can into a regrettable experience.

LSBERG - Don't drink and drive

We turn off our 'Car' to celebrate #GlobalBeerResponsibilityDay. Don't drink and drive. #CheersResponsibly. Carlsberg Headquarters, Copenhagen.

The Carlsberg Breathalyzela

To help Euro fans celebrate responsibly, Carlsberg has invented the “Breathalyzela” - a reengineered Vuvuzela that will only play its notorious tune if the user’s alcohol level is below the binge drinking limit.

Nutritional Values

Have you ever wondered how many calories and how much carbohydrates, protein, fat and alcohol is in your beer? Well, now you may know. The Beer Institute has announced the Brewers’ Voluntary Disclosure Initiative, which encourages its member companies to list the calories, carbohydrates, protein, fat and alcohol by volume in its products either on the product packaging or websites.