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Meanwhile in 1871

Hello, thank you for choosing to read Beer. Here’s a fact for you. In 1871 the Carl, of Carlsberg, got his first brewery. His dad JC Jacobsen thought he'd be good at making beer and boy was he right. Carl went on to become quite successful. Thanks Carl's dad.

Meanwhile in 1873

Yes I’m talking to you.
This label design was created in 1873 back when bootleggers were selling fake Carlsberg. So this square label was a sign of the real delicious deal.
If you see any phoney Carlsberg don’t drink it. This one you are reading is real, so enjoy.

Meanwhile in 1877

A bit bored, so you read your beer. It’s ok, we’ve all done it. This old label design features a ship. Back when Carlsberg had begun to export their
fine beer across the waters of the world. History lesson over. It's time to enjoy the here and now. Cheers.

Meanwhile in 1882

So you like reading beer. Ok. This label is from 1882 when master brewers got their names on the bottle. J.Jensen must have been a special guy. But obviously not as cool as Mr. Carlsberg whose name is slightly bigger. That’s enough reading. This Carlsberg won’t drink itself.

Meanwhile in 1902

Oh look, words on a beer. Might as well read them.
Back in Copenhagen 1902, our trendy designers crafted this lovely label, picture the scene, arts and crafts, beards, hats and tattoos. Some may say we were the
original hipsters. However we would never say that. We’re serious beer brewers.

Meanwhile in 1913

Psst. Yes you. Over here. Read this. It won’t take long. Back in 1913 Carlsberg won the title of the Best beer in the world at the World Trade
Exhibition in Paris. So we told everyone on our label. It seems we’ve probably been the best beer in the world for some time.

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